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Thank you for visiting my website, dedicated to my studies and work in the field of fine art photography. I began taking pictures as a small child when my grandmother gave me a camera for my birthday. Over the years, my passion for capturing life on film has only grown and today, I have turned it into a full career. I believe that photography is the most essential art form in the world today, but it is often overlooked or misunderstood.

Photography goes beyond family portraits and year book photos. You can capture life and nature in amazing ways with photography and using technology, you can manipulate those images to create stunning art. Check out my articles to learn more about why photography is the perfect way to get involved in art. You can also find tips for beginners and reviews of my favorite equipment, software, and brands.

VaporizerNerd and the Art Of Photography

I have been interested in the world of art for many years. In high school I was always the guy that wanted to paint something else or sculpt something else. I really enjoyed the aspects of art and the tranquil peace that comes over me while I am in the studio. So obviously you can understand my excitement and interest when I learned that VaporizerNerd was going to start offering more visual illustrations on their website. Not only are they reaching into the world of art but they are reaching into a niche that I call home. They are starting to use photography on the site and they pictures they are offering are some of the deepest and richest that I have had the pleasure of seeing. VaporizerNerd.com might just be a regular ecig site to some folks but to me they are becoming much, much more. They are learning about the things that there audience loves and they are reaching out to them through the pages of the site.

As an avid user of electronic cigarettes I can say without hesitation that VaporizerNerd is the main site that I use for all of my ecig news and information. I have learned a great deal form their staff and the writers offer clear explanations to some of the more difficult and technical aspect of vaping. But to learn that VaporizerNerd is also incorporating fine art photography has taken me to a new height of pleasure. The way that I understand the process is like this. From all accounts the site is going to highlight the newer model of electronic cigarettes with high-resolution photography. The concept will highlight the beauty and the classiness of the ecig brands and the models.

However there is another aspect to the VaporizerNerd.com site that I am not sure they are fully aware of. Adding fine art photography to the site will enhance the overall appeal of the site but it will also open Pandora’s box so to speak. You see this concept is going to drive new traffic to the VaporizerNerd website and this traffic is going to be educated and highly sensitive to the world of art. So I would like to reach out to VaporizerNerd and let them know that they need to remain at the top of their game. You are going to be judged harshly by these new people and they will demand excellence. I am sure VaporizerNerd will have no problem making the transition.

Tactical Flashlights: Important Safety Tool for Photographers

Most people might not think that the life of a photographer is very dangerous, but if that’s your chosen profession, you know differently, especially if you’re an urban or wildlife photographer.

The Dangers

If you wander into the wilds to photograph the animals that live there, you know that each time you turn a corner, you could come face to face with an angry animal. If you’re very lucky, the animal will be just as surprised to see you as you are to see it and will turn and run the other way. If not, you will have to defend yourself.

Another very real threat that wildlife photographers face is getting lost or staying out later than they intended. Tactical flashlights are very efficient and use LED light which means the photographer will have a bright light to help guide them back to camp. Having a reliable flashlight can often be the difference between getting home safe and never getting home again.

Urban photographers don’t necessarily have things any easier. While animals and moonless nights might not be something you have to worry about, muggers are. All it takes is one look at your expensive camera equipment and you can look like an appealing target.

Tactical Flashlights Improve Your Safety

Whether you’re an outdoor or indoor photographer, tactical flashlights go a long way towards keeping you safe. They do more than just light your path. Tactical flashlights have been designed in such a way that they’re big and durable to pack quite a punch. If you ever find yourself in a precarious situation, you should use your flashlight as a club. Your assailant, whether man or beast, will be so surprised and hurt, they’ll immediately let you go.

Taking a few self-defense classes will ensure that you know the proper way to use the flashlight should a dangerous situation crop up.

The great thing about most brand of tactical flashlights is that they’re so well made, they’ll continue to work even after they’ve been used like a club.

Additional Use

Since you’re a photographer, you’ll get one more use out of your new tactical flashlight. If you angle the flashlight just right, you should be able to use the beam a kind of spotlight, allowing you to illuminate the item you’re trying to photograph.

One of the things you’ll like about tactical flashlights is that you don’t have to worry about them taking up to much space in your camera bag or being difficult to handle. All you need to do is look for a light that can mounted on your clothing or camera bag strap. You shouldn’t have any trouble finding what you are looking for at a survivalist shop or an online outdoors retailer. Good luck and stay safe!

My V2 Cigs Review Photo Blog

Ok, so I know that there are hundreds, maybe even thousands, of ecig review sites on the Internet. Over the past few years this new device has really taken the world by storm and many self starters have realized that they can make money by building a few sites and reviewing these highly popular items. These sites make money not by click through traffic but by placing ads on the site. The ads lead to a sales page and when the items are bought, the owner of the site receives a cut of the profit. So I decided that I wanted to get in on this game. But I wanted my site to be different. I wanted it to stand out from the other sites. So I decided that I was going to harness my love of photo taking and my love of making money. Hence, I have built a V2 cigs review site that uses photo’s to tell the story.

This is unique concept because there is no other site like this on the web. At least not yet. And while you might think this is a strange way to build a V2 cigs review site, keep in mind that people are use to looking at pictures and receiving a story. So I am simply tapping into a medium that is already proven to be a winner. My V2 cigs review site covers every aspect of the item. We look at the many different models that are currently available as well as looking at the technology used, the flavors available, and the new move to more e-liquids.

My V2 cigs review site is quickly gaining in popularity. I recently had a week in which I was visited 54,000 times. That was a great week for us and I was proud to learn that we were making more money than we could have imagined. The power of the picture is always better than the spoken word or the printed word. Plus, I am actually able to interact with the clients and the people we use for the photos. I have a great job. I would never change a thing about what I do. My V2 cigs review site has led me to financial security and it has opened the door to freedom for many that have been bound by the chains of addiction. So what are you waiting for? Harness your passion and make a living doing that. It is well worth it.

Photography Is Good Business

Photography is good business. If you want a career you should try photography on for size. It seems as if new photography businesses are popping up everywhere. If photography interests you, you may want to start your own business and make money doing something that you love. In this article we will give you a few tips for starting your own photography business.

The first things you need to do when beginning to think about starting your own photography business is to decide why type of photography you want to specialize in. Do you want to take pictures of children, weddings, fashion photography or something totally different? Once you decide where your passion is, it will be time to move on with your endeavor into the photography business. You may need to take a chance on each type of photography before you make your decision on which kind you want to partake in. This way you will have a good idea what each one entails.

You need to have a good portfolio of your work that you can show to prospective clients once you decide which type of photography you want to do. Have someone who has expertise in the photography field help you get your portfolio together because this can make or break your business.

Remember that advertising your new business is going to be the way you get off your feet. If advertising is not your forte, have someone who likes working in advertisement to help you out. Once your name gets out there via your advertisements and word of mouth, you will be well on your way to enjoying your photography business. Enjoy and have a good time doing what you love and making money doing it.

Choose Electronic Cigarettes to Protect Your Photography

Smoking is not just a nasty habit that impacts your health. It can also seriously damage your business, especially if you are a professional photographer. There are a lot of ways that smoking could potentially hinder your business. For one thing, no one wants to hire a photographer that smells like an ash tray, especially for important events or for taking pictures of young children. Second, the smoke from your cigarettes could very easily damage your photographs. Have you ever seen how pictures can yellow over time? That process will happen much faster if you are smoking around your prints. Third, your clients are going to be really angry if they open up their photographs and they all smell like cigarette smoke. It’s not just unprofessional… it’s just plain gross.

The good news is that you can still get a nicotine fix when your photography work stresses you out. The key is to choose electronic cigarettes. Ecigs have been around for a few years and millions of smokers are already experiencing the benefits that they offer. There is no smoke, no flame, no tar, and no tobacco. Ecigarettes are battery operated and the batteries can be charged multiple times so you can reuse your equipment over and over. By making the switch to electronic cigarettes, you also eliminate the smoke smell that is so unappealing to your clients. Ecigs have no odor so no one will ever detect that you are a vaper unless they actually see you using your ecig.

You can take ecigs and extra cartridges or e-liquid to photo shoots and other job opportunities. Electronic cigarettes are portable and convenient. That means you can take them with you on jobs when you need to travel long distances in the car or even stay in a hotel. With no odor or secondhand smoke, ecigs can be used practically anywhere. In fact, you could vape in your hotel room and no one would ever know.

Even better, vaping is cheaper than smoking. Save your money for a brand new camera or some extra specialty lenses. You don’t have to throw your money away on cigarettes when ecigs are available at a fraction of the price. Keep the batteries and just buy new cartridges or e-liquid. With proper maintenance, your ecig will last for months or even years.

If you want to be the best photographer you can be, it is clear that smoking is out of the question. However, you can still enjoy some nicotine thanks to electronic cigarettes. Trade out your old smokes for a new vape and watch your business soar to new heights of success. What have you got to lose?

Fine Art Photography For Your Wedding

Wedding photography is changing for the better. Some folks will want to stick with the standard wedding photos of the past but many are moving on to fine art photography for their wedding. The wedding photos that your parents had probably look a lot like the ones you had made as well. This is because many folks used the same standard wedding photo shoots for each and every wedding. The short people in the front of the photo and the taller people in the back is the typical rule of thumb when it comes to wedding photos. All the men stand together in a photo and then all the women standing together in a photo. Wedding photos have become a bit boring and very predictable. This is one of the main reasons why fine art photography is finding its way into wedding photos these days.

Fine art photography is where shadows and reflections are a seen as a good thing in a photo. Shadows and reflections are actually seen as a good thing when it comes to fine art photography. Black and white is making a comeback in fine art photography as many are using it these days. Another really cool effect that can be done in fine art photography is blurring one person out and focusing in on another. This was done in my own wedding when the photography focused in on my husband who was standing behind me in the distance and made me a bit blurry as I was sitting in the front of the picture. All kinds of new and neat ideas are popping up with fine art photography and weddings are just the beginning.

Fine Art Photography Class at My Age? Yes!

After I finished college and got my degree, I swore I would not set foot into a classroom again for the rest of my life. Well I actually forgot that when you have kids, you have to take them to school, so it wasn’t long before I broke that vow. But eventually, they moved out and started lives of their own and I was sure that I would never voluntarily go back into a classroom. It isn’t that I don’t like to learn, I just didn’t learn the same way as other people. I like to teach myself new things and new ideas by trying them out on my own or reading about them in books.

Then one day I was looking through a pamphlet from the local art gallery that had come in the mail. I loved going to the art museum all of the time. I was surprised to learn from the pamphlet that they offered a Fine Art Photography Class to members for a very reasonable price. I thought long and hard before I signed up for this class. But in the end I decided that it might be fun to learn more about fine art photography, even if it was in a classroom setting.

Before I knew it I was signed up and ready to go. The first class caused a bit of anxiety, but after a few minutes I was excited to be learning about such an interesting topic. By the end of the class I was ready for it to go on forever. I didn’t want to leave and wait to come back the next, I wanted to stay!

Different Stories Altogether

I have often wondered why so many news outlets are always covering the same stories. It would seem that no matter what is happening, the news is always the same. I have often wondered why the world is only given about 2% of the actual news. It would seem that the best way to forge a new path in the news media would be to share news events that no one else is covering. It might be local or it might be foreign, but the news would be fresh and it would be new. The same argument could be made about the art world. I love art. I have always enjoyed looking at art and I have always enjoyed making art. The great thing about art is that anyone can make it. Art is not about beauty. Art is about capturing a moment or an emotion. Art tells a story. Art weaves a tapestry that binds the hearts and lives of al that are involved. That is what led me to the world of fine art photography.

I have taken many pictures in my day. I have used the camera for things that would make other people blush and I have used the camera to capture moments that have been etched into our minds. But the reality is that these are different stories altogether. Fine art photography is not about capturing a news story or selling a new product. Fine art photography is all about telling a story through the eyes and the lens of the camera and the operator. And it is in this realm that I am most comfortable and most gifted.

My Art Gala

As is the case for most artists I have struggled to make a living in the world of art. Sure you can find examples of a few people who have been able to make millions of dollars in the world of art, but the reality is that art is not something that will make the average person very wealthy. In order to make it in this business you need to be talented, sure, but you also need to be dedicated to the craft. This means that you must be willing to put yourself out there and you need to be willing to do the work for nothing. That has always been the case in my life. I have rarely been recognized for my art and I have rarely been praised for my ability. I have never drawn a huge salary based off of my work and I probably never will. But that isn’t the point of the art world. Fortunately I have had a breakthrough in the art world.

I am not the typical artist. I do not draw and I do not paint. I am a camera operator. I capture life as it happens. I capture moments that can never be recreated. I capture the essence of the human spirit and I do it all through the lens of a camera. I recently was given the chance to have an art show that showcases my work. The gala was planned to showcase 50 of the finest photos that I have. Fine art photography is an amazing skill that few people have. Thankfully there are some people in this world that have decided I am worthy of such an honor.

Capturing The Moment

My friends are always after me to help them capture a moment. Allow me to explain. My name is Frank and I have a great love for all things photography. I love the equipment and I love the ability to capture a moment in time. And while I was never formally trained in the art of taking a picture, I have enough experience under my belt to make some of the most amazing prints that you have ever seen. This is why my friends and family are always after me to take a new picture. From family portraits to business events, and everything in between, I am the one that they call when a camera is needed. But this is not the real passion that I have. While I do not mind taking these types of photos, my real passion is capturing the art in life. I love fine art photos and I have dedicated my life to capturing these works of art on a camera roll.

Fine art photography is all about letting go of any notions that you might have. You are not going to capture the same moment twice so you need to be ready and willing when the moment happens. This type of art is all about capturing the emotion of the artist and not the emotions of the subject. A great example would be snapping a picture of a growing storm. The storm is obviously a symbol of the growing turmoil in the life of the photog. Are you interested in this type of artwork? Do you like the idea of using a camera to change the world? Fine art photography might be what you are looking for.

My First Example Of Fine Art Photography

I am new to the world of fine art photography. I have always been in love with the idea of art and I have been dedicated to learning as much as possible. As a young child I was always using a pen or pencil to make creations on a piece of paper. I was never really good at this type of art but I was not aware of any other kind. My world was completely turned upside down when I was introduced to paint and canvas. At this moment I was amazed that I could transfer my thoughts and ideas onto a real working canvas! As the years pressed on I was more and more excited to learn as much as possible about art and how I could use it in my daily life. This desire led me to pursue an art major in college.

Fortunately I have been able to use my understanding and my knowledge to form a rather lucrative business. I have moved away from the abstract world of drawing and painting and I have settled on the camera. I love taking pictures and I am often the person that my friends call when they need a new family portrait. But I am not interested in family portraits or even in commercial portraits. I love fine art photography and this is what I am passionate about. My first fine art photograph was taken 9 years ago. The subject was a little boy, around 8 years of age, and he was struggling to live in the fields of Africa. The picture captured the coming storm, the lightening and the clouds, and the long look of sadness in the eyes of the child.

The Meaning Of Fine Art Photography

When it comes to taking a picture I am sure that you have had more than enough opportunities to capture a moment and to make a memory. In this day of high technology and phones that are equipped with cameras, almost every person has become capable of capturing something amazing. However there is a huge difference between capturing a moment and capturing a life. The object of fine art photography is not to merely capture a moment in history, after all this is what we have journalism for, and it is not to produce an image that urges you to purchase a product, this s what commercials are for. Fine art photography is all about the artist being able to capture what his or her mind is trying to envision.

In fine art photography there are no lines that you need to be afraid of and there is no boundary that you cannot cross. The purpose of this amazing art form is to capture a real life, a real person or a real environment, in the real beauty that it holds. Fine art photography cannot be recreated in a lab and it cannot be duplicated or replicated. This is a one time moment and once in a lifetime opportunity to capture the world as you see it. Perhaps you like the idea of using a camera to capture these moments. Perhaps the idea of using grey scale or bright colors is enough to excite you to the core. Whatever it is that drives you, fine art photography is only a moment away. All you need is a vision and the desire to make it happen.